Transcribing Audio Files

Transcribing Audio Files

Transcribing Audio Files

Create New Job

In the online dashboard, click the Create New Job button. In AutoScript Desktop application, click the New Job button, which will bring you to the create new job form.

  1. Give the job a unique name. It can be a case number with the date of recording, case name, attorney name, or interviewer name. The file will be saved with this name.

  2. Click and drag the audio files to the Upload Your Files section.

  3. Dictionary: Add unique names or phrases from your job notes to help the ASR learn spellings for the audio upload. This will increase the accuracy of the transcription.

  4. Job Information: Select the type of job and recording from the list of options.

  5. Location: Select a state from the list and then type in the city where the audio was recorded. This information helps populate the proper transcript formatting.

  6. Click on Calculate Price. This button turns blue once all the audio files have been uploaded and are ready to process. This process may take a few minutes if the audio is a longer file.

  7. The status of the job in your dashboard view will change to Transcribing. An email indicating Transcription in Progress is also immediately sent to you, confirming the process has started.

  8. Once completed, the status of the job changes to Completed and an email indicating Your Transcript is Ready is immediately sent to you, informing you to go to the next step.

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