Liberty and DCR Files

Liberty and DCR Files

Can AutoScript Process Files from a Liberty or DCR Recording?

Unfotunately AutoScript cannot process native recordings created from a Liberty or DCR Court Recorder recording solutions and you will have to use the "Export" option to create a WMA file to submit.  

  1. Go to File/Export in your Liberty Player

      2.  Select to Export to hard disk.  Select File type Windows Media File (*.wma; *.wmv).  Select to chage the Media format to Windows Media Audio Voice 9 20 kbbs, 22.05 kHz, mono. 
      3.  Click Okay and then click Export. 
      4.  You can now upload the newly exported file to AutoScript for transcription.  Even though you have mixed your multi-channel recording down to a mono channel AutoScript's enhanced speaker diarization will             still deliver a rough draft transcript with speaker designations for everyone in the recording. 
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