Exporting DCR Files from Liberty Player for AutoScript Web

Exporting DCR Files from Liberty Player for AutoScript Web


These instructions work with version 2.0 and 2.6 of the Liberty player.  There appeared to be an issue with version 2.5 that was released for only a very short time.  

Unfortunately, AutoScript cannot process DCR files created from Liberty or DCR Court Recorder recording solutions. You will have to use the "Export" option to create a WAV file to submit.  

Open your file in Liberty Player and follow these steps. (A diagram follows for quick reference)
  1. On the menu, click File then click Export.
  2. For File type select "Wave file (*.wav)"
  3. Click the [Change Format] button. In the Sound Selection dialog choose the Format "PCM" and the Attributes "16.000kHz, 16 Bit, Mono" and click [OK].
  4. Click the [Change Inclusions] button. In the Include Data dialog UNCHECK all the options for notes and click [OK].
  5. For the Target file, select the location and file name you prefer and Click [Export].

You can now upload the newly exported WAV file to AutoScript Web for transcription.

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