How to Register and Download RS Pro

How to Register and Download RS Pro














        How to Register and Download







Table of contents





Table of contents  1

1. Introduction 2

2. Register for your Trial Version  3

3. Installing Reporter Studio Pro  6







1. Introduction 

VoiceScript Reporter Studio Pro software allows users to record audio and optional video.  It was designed for recording depositions, meetings or courtroom proceedings.  It allows people to record the audio and video with the ability to annotate or tag notes to the media with system generated timestamps as it is being recorded or post recording in played back.  It can be interfaced with a wide assortment of audio interface devices, cameras and video capture cards.


Reporter Studio Pro was designed to provide users an easy to use tool for recording and annotating proceedings that require a verbatim record.  It was designed to decrease user training time and increase productivity.  It is packed only with features that afford users with all the critical tools they need to record, annotate and copy their recordings. 

This guide will take you through how to register for your free 14-day trial of RS Pro and the steps for downloading and installing to your computer.


 2. Register for your Trial Version

Go to the VoiceScript RS Pro Product Page and select “Get A Free Trial”

Complete all of the information on the VoiceScript Checkout page and click the “Start Trial” button.


This will open the VoiceScript RS Pro account registration page.  You will need to complete all the information requested.  **NOTE** The format for the phone number must be as it is shown in the example:  +1 and then your 10-digital number. 

Click on the “Sign up” button when you are done.    


This will open a page requiring a verification code.  Do not close this page.  The verification code will be sent to you via email.  If you do not see it in your regular inbox, please look in your SPAM folder. 


Input the verification code and click on the “Confirm account” button.


This will bring you to the Reporter Studio Pro Download page.

Click the “Download Now” button.

3. Installing Reporter Studio Pro

Locate the VoiceScriptSetup.msi file in your downloads folder.

Double click on the file to run it.  You may get a window from Windows saying that Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. 

Click on the “More info” option and click “Run anyway”.

This will open the Reporter Studio Pro installation window.  Accept all the defaults. 

Double click on the desktop icon to open Reporter Studio Pro.

You are required to log in using the username and password that you used when you registered for the RS Pro account above. 

The authentication process can take up to 40 seconds. 


You are no logged into Reporter Studio Pro and ready to begin using it.


**Note** You are able to bypass the Login by clicking on the Continue offline to instantly open RS Pro.  You can do this for up to 7 days before the system will tell you that you do not have a valid license file.  At which time you will need to click on the Login button again to authenticate your subscription. 



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