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We are thrilled to share additional details regarding the important AutoScript Web update that released on  April 15th, 2024. Below are highlights for several important new features in this release.

No time to read? Watch this quick video summary:    

Brand New Versioning System: We have completely changed the way versions work on the AutoScript platform. This change affects both AutoScript Web and AutoScript Desktop. The end result is that you can seamlessly upload your progress to Web. Agencies will now have the ability to review the status of their scopist and proofer progress at any time. And, for those worst case scenarios, you'll now have the ability to step back in time and work from an earlier version. This feature encompasses several smaller changes that are all related. Read the details HERE.

Additional Job Details Features: There are several changes and enhancements to the Job Details page, including the ability to preview the audio file right from the webpage. Read the details HERE.

Audio File Analysis: When you upload your audio files, they will be analyzed to provide better processing. Right now we are looking for audio files that don't contain any actual audio and files that are corrupt. In the future we'll be able to present options to you for common audio problems. We're just getting started. Read the details HERE.

An Improved Payment Screen:  The Add Funds process now includes a dialog to inform you of the progress and success of your payment. Read the details HERE.

Improvements to Organization Tools:  We've made several enhancements to the tools available to agency operations management. This includes changes to the assignment interface, job claim limits for each user, the addition of individual metrics, and more. Read the details HERE.

As always, thank you for choosing AutoScript. We are committed to providing you with the best tools to significantly improve your efficiency and business profitability.

If you have any questions or need support with a new feature, please reach out to your account manager or click "Request Help" above to contact our support team.

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